Highly qualified radiology doctor specializing in ultrasound examinations. Extensive experience in diagnosing a wide range of diseases, conducting absolutely all existing ultrasound diagnostic studies, including interventional ones. Particular attention is paid to the diagnosis of cardiovascular, pulmonary, urological, endocrine, abdominal, oncological and surgical diseases, as well as trauma, both domestic and sports. Extensive experience in sports medicine. Proven experience in using advanced diagnostic techniques and emerging technologies. Art technologies to achieve optimal results in diagnosing patient diseases. Committed to providing compassionate care, maintaining the highest standards of medical ethics, and staying abreast of the latest advances in the field.

  • Ultrasound: abdomen, pelvis and bone, thyroid and neck
  • Transvaginal scan, scrotum
  • Ultrasound: heart, kidneys, bladder, pelvic organs
  • Ultrasound: joints, veins and arteries of the lower extremities, brachiocephalic arteries, skull
  • Ultrasound: salivary glands, lymph nodes, fetus
  • Doppler study - arterial and venous soft tissue scans
  • Ultrasound: breast


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Dr. Rudel Sirazhetdinov

Dr. Rudel Sirazhetdinov

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