• Performs all types of gynecologic surgeries (laparoscopic, laparotomic, hysteroscopic, vaginal, plastic).
  • Types of laparoscopic surgical interventions: operations on appendages of all types of complexity; salpingo-ovariolysis, neosalpingostomy or fallopian tube plasty; coagulation of endometriosis foci; cystectomy, tubectomy, ovario- or adnexectomy; myomectomy, uterine extirpation; pangisterectomy
  • Small surgical interventions: aspiration biopsy of the cervix, radio wave treatment with the apparatus "Surgitron", "Photek", removal of papillomas/polyps/formations of the external genital organs, cysts of the cervix, vagina, conization/amputation of the cervix, opening and removal of cysts of the Bartholin's gland, marsupialization, etc.
  • Hysteroscopy, surgical hysteroscopy (polypectomy, synechiae dissection), hysteroresectoscopy (myomectomy)
  • Vaginal surgeries for genital prolapse: vaginal hysterectomy, colporrhaphy, colpoperineorrhaphy with levatoroplasty, TVT-O
  • Aspiration biopsy of the cervix
  • Treatment of pelvic inflammatory processes
  • Treatment of pathologic conditions of the cervix
  • Performs ultrasound of abdominal organs, kidneys, prostate, bladder, thyroid, BCA, pelvic organs
  • Laparotomic accesses (NSF, PNF) of the listed volumes


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