About Polyclinic.ae

Polyclinic.ae is a new family-friendly innovative multidisciplinary clinic. We opened in the Jumeirah area in 2023. The clinic is equipped with the most modern and advanced equipment, which allows for diagnostics, procedures and operations at the highest level.

Polyclinic.ae offers services in various fields of medicine with a wide variety of medical specialties of doctors and types of medical services. There is also a pediatric department, whose employees receive special training to work with children. The dental department applies the best practices of restoring the beauty and health of teeth to both adults and children.

The clinic has created comfortable conditions for patients, which allows them to feel as comfortable as possible during treatment. Our doctors speak English, Russian and Arabic. The clinic also provides the service of a personal manager who helps to organize all the necessary procedures.

New clinic Polyclinic.ae is a new level of quality in the medical field. We have already managed to win the hearts of many patients and are ready to provide excellent medical care in Dubai at a reasonable price.

Qualification of doctors

We make sure that sensitive, attentive, and most importantly – qualified doctors work in our medical centers. Therefore, we regularly hold training events, round tables and seminars for employees. Leading specialists in the field of medicine give lectures for our doctors. In addition, our specialists are trained in the best educational institutions in the world, take part in scientific and practical conferences, and are actively engaged in scientific activities.

We attach great importance to the selection of specialists in our clinic. The basis for hiring is the passage of complex mandatory exams, tests for knowledge of medical practice and the ability to communicate with patients. Language skills are also important: our doctors speak English, Russian and Arabic.

Convenient appointment and information technology

We have organized the work in such a way that you can quickly and conveniently make an appointment with a doctor and receive attentive attitude, individual approach and qualified medical care. You can make an appointment either by phone or using a modern mobile application, messengers and forms on the web-site.

Our doctors are released from paperwork and are ready to devote all their time to the patient, listen to everyone in detail and carefully determine the order of treatment. The excellent equipment of the clinics and its own clinical laboratory allow you to immediately conduct the necessary examinations.


Polyclinic.ae is open for partnership with organizations and companies representing the interests of patients. We have extensive experience working with insurance companies and cooperating with large companies regarding the implementation of corporate medical programs. One of the directions is the cooperation of our clinic with hotels and apartment complexes, which allows partners to make customer care more exclusive and personalized.

Quality control

Our task is to make medicine as effective, safe and accessible as possible for everyone. We appreciate that you trust us with your health and strive to justify this trust. The clinics have organized quality control of service close to the JCI standards system. Our medical commission evaluates the effectiveness of each doctor's work and examines each appeal. You can send your thanks and comments to the e-mail: control@Polyclinic.ae.