Dr. María de las Nieves Pérez Morales is an experienced Endodontist, a skilled dental professional specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of dental pulp and surrounding tissues. With years of training and practice, Dr. María excels in performing root canal treatments and other procedures aimed at saving teeth.

Her expertise extends to diagnosing complex dental issues related to the inner structures of teeth, often using advanced technology such as digital imaging and microscopes to enhance precision. Dr. María is also proficient in providing pain management and ensuring patient comfort throughout procedures.

Dr. María de las Nieves graduated from Universidad Central de Venezuela with a DDS degree (Odontólogo) after a five-year program at the Facultad de Odontología (School of Dental Medicine) in Caracas, Venezuela. Completed a two-year Master of Science in Clinical Service Operations at Harvard University, Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA.

  • Root canal treatment under the microscope
  • Retreatment of root canal treated teeth
  • Management of dental and endodontic emergencies
  • Management of oral pain
  • Surgical and nonsurgical treatment of root canal systems
  • Pulp therapy for teeth with immature roots
  • Management of traumatic injuries to teeth
  • Tooth abscess
  • Arrested caries


  • Central University of Venezuela (UCV, Caracas, Venezuela)
  • The International University of Catalunya (UIC. Barcelona, Spain)
  • Harvard Medical School (Harvard University. Boston, USA)


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