Dr. Borhan specializes in both pediatric and general dentistry, bringing extensive experience and a range of competencies to his practice. Dr. Borhan is proficient in using scientific rules and methods to solve problems and has extensive practical experience dealing with various levels of organizations and people, including both private and government organizations. His excellent communication and interpersonal skills, combined with his diverse expertise and strong skill set, make him a highly capable and trusted professional in the field of dentistry.

  • Preventive treatment including fluoride therapy, fissure sealant, and orthodontic prevention treatment such as space maintainers
  • Pulpotomy and restorative procedures for children
  • Treatment under general anesthesia and nitrous oxide for uncooperative children
  • Restorative treatments including root canal therapy (RCT), fillings, extractions, crowns, bridges, and bleaching
  • Surgical procedures such as extractions and abscess treatment, oral minor surgery, and dental trauma management


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Dr. Borhan Ahmad El-Eter

Dr. Borhan Ahmad El-Eter

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