Professional teeth whitening with the ZOOM4 system

Professional teeth whitening with the ZOOM4 system

Great news for lovers of a whiter smile: we are launching a promotion for professional teeth whitening with the ZOOM 4 system! 

We are ready to treat our new patients with a pleasant price - AED 1690 (instead of AED 2500).

Why choose this whitening system?

  • Ability to achieve noticeable teeth whitening in just one session. 

  • Safety for teeth and gums. Doctors take steps to protect the soft tissues in your mouth and minimize the risk of sensitivity.

  • Long-lasting results - with proper oral care at home and regular dental visits.

  • Personalized approach: the ZOOM 4 system allows doctors to adjust the whitening process to the individual needs of the patient.

  • Book your appointment: 04 507 9777

    Address: Jumeirah Road 632, Dubai