Oksana embarked on her professional journey in 2007 when she joined a small laboratory as a junior dental technician. Over the course of the next six years, she demonstrated exceptional dedication and skill, eventually ascending to the position of chief technician. Her specific focus during this time was on functional occlusion and addressing the needs of patients with TMJ problems. Her professional journey has been characterized by close collaboration with dentists and clients, spanning the entire spectrum from mouth rehabilitation to the meticulous fabrication of permanent dentures. Oksana is renowned for her passion as a dental technician and her unwavering eagerness to embrace new challenges and learning opportunities. Oksana works with our dentists to create the most beautiful smiles together.

  • E-max press technique (veneers, onlay, crown)
  • E-max porcelain build-up (using e-max internal stains)
  • Waxing up (functional occlusion by Dieter Schulz technique)
  • Noritake porcelain build-up (using internal stains) - porcelain veneers on refractor material
  • Full mouth restoration on implants (removable/not removable)
  • Using articulator ARTEX CR (able to program each angle under different ANGLE classes)
  • Using an acril material (temporary dentures before implants, temporary dental crowns)
  • Using composite materials (for a gingiva design, composite veneers)
  • Occlusal stabilization, miorelaxing splits
  • TMJ deprogrammer (split) - dental photo
  • Orthotropy/orthodontics (John Mew bioblock devices)
  • 3D printer


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